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Thank you for a great 8.5 years with I Don't Give a Fork! It has been a wonderful run and we are grateful for every single customer that has purchased food from us, hired the truck to be at their wedding or event, or simply just come by to say hi. I will miss the truck but am excited that I was able to have such a successful business that I closed on my own terms. I will not miss smelling like a french fry, constantly fixing my generator, or driving hours to events though!


We have retired the truck in order to start a new business, Sleeping Bird Coffee, opening May 2021. Come visit us at 3111 Miller Rd Wilmington, DE or just check us out at Sleeping Bird Coffee on Facebook and Instagram.


Thank you for being here and I look forward to seeing you at the shop! 

Leigh Ann Tona


Check out our festival 2015 videos!

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